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OUR MISSION at CafeGetaway is to provide vacation rental owners and vacation seekers a fun way to find each other.

If you are a vacation rental owner, WELCOME. We are a small company with big ideas. You can register your vacation rental property with CafeGetaway for just $60.00. That's about half of what everyone else charges! Where else can you advertise your property for 16 cents a day?

If you are a vacation seeker, there is no membership to join, no charge to look at these beautiful properties. Contact each owner individually by using the convenient email button or phone numbers provided on each detail page.


Vacation Rentals vs. Hotel

Why would anyone choose a vacation rental home over a hotel room? We wonder the opposite; why would anyone choose a hotel over a whole house or other type of rental.

First, let's define vacation rental: it can be a house, condo, chalet or castle (yes, castles). It can be a cabin (log or otherwise), a cottage on a lake or villa in Spain (or anywhere else). Generally, a vacation rental affords more privacy, more room and more freedom to enjoy yourselves. Ever stay in a nice hotel where there's a convention in town and some guests not sensitive to the sleep needs of others are running through the common areas? The front desk, however sympathetic, can only do so much.

One of the biggest selling points of a vacation rental is the size comparison vs. that of a hotel room. When you go on vacation, don't you like to spread out just a little; take a breath, smell the roses? How much rose smelling do you think is really going to happen when you're crammed into a hotel room the size of a closet with your spouse and 2.4 kids? Average size of a hotel room is 250 - 300 square feet. In the Disney World area you can rent a whole house with a size ranging from 1200 - 6000 square feet. These beautiful vacation rentals come with a variety of amenities as well. Most have swimming pools and some even have game rooms.

OK, so vacation rentals are bigger than hotel rooms. And privacy is a selling point but what's the bottom line? Well, let's use the Disney World area again as an example. A moderate hotel near the main gate is going to cost around $90 per night or $630 per week. If you need two rooms your cost for the week would be $1260! Because there is such a variety, vacation rentals come in all price ranges. A vacation rental home with a pool in Kissimmee or Davenport can be found from $700 per week. And that's for a whole house!

So, why would anyone choose a vacation rental over a hotel room? We think the answer is obvious.

Please take your time and browse our Vacation Rentals.


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